Need a alittle clarification...
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Thread: Need a alittle clarification...

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    Need a alittle clarification...

    Just let me state this right off...this may seem like a stupid question to a lot of you out there, but I am not as knowledgeable on the ever changing video card industry and am a little confused. It seems that many games out there are built to run utilizing 3dfx technology...what about boards like TNT and others(which I hear are supposed to be better quility), will they run these types of games? I'd really appreciate some clarification before I make a final purchase...thanks.

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    They will still usually run the same games, just not as well. A quick look at the system requirements on the side of the box will let you know if you MUST have a 3dFx card.

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    Chanse Guest
    Games for the most part run one , or a combination of three api's. DirectX(Win95,98, and now NT5), OpenGL NT, or glide, a proprietary api from 3dfx, that only works with a 3dfx card, Voodoo, voodoo2, voodoo rush, or banshee.
    Other companies run direct x and or / openGL.
    the TNT reuns directx5, 6 , and OpenGL. I bought the STB Velocity 4400 TnT last night, and it rocks.Voodoo2 is the fastest, with voodoo 2 SLI(2 cards) even faster. But it does trade off in image quality. The TnT is more thna fast enough, and in higher resolutions ,actually surpasses the Voodoo2.
    Plus it is a 2d/3d combo, with voodoo, you need an add-on, Voodoo banshee does not need a seperate addon, but is substantially slower than Voodoo2.
    If you're going AGP , either the Velocity 4400 or the Canopus Spectra2500(
    PCI, go for the STB VElocity 4400.
    Voodoo is faster, but not as good looking and not as high of a resolution. Plus, anything over 24fps cannot be seen, so go with the better quality. By the time games max out either cards, they will both have been obsolete for months.

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    Chanse Guest
    Plus directX 6 is a serious improvement over earlier versions. GLide was much faster than older cards, but DirectX seems t osteadily be gainin. And a lot of cards support Glide, but if you run a game that does not , you have to run your 3dfx in direct x , and it is nowhere near as fast.

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    The TNT-boards are superb with a powerful CPU. If you haven't got a beefy P2 maybee a Banshee will be a better alternative. Any one is probably a better choice than the Voodoo2 (unless you play Quake 2 24h/day...).

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    Chanse Guest
    I hear a lot about TnT not runnning on low end, but I'm running a Dual P PRo 180Mhz, 128MB, not too fast for gaming(it's a 3d machine) and my Velocity TNT rocks. Playing Jedi Knight last night at 1152x860 and 1280x1024 no lag. What more can you ask for??
    After the Voodoo rush, the banshee just scares me. Plus Voodoo smokes in Glide, but it's nowhere near as fast in Direct x, and no OpenGL. TNT TNT TNT TNT

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