I currently have a cyrix 200mmx, 64 megs of sdram. I need a good combination 2d/3d card that will give me decent performance in QuakeII. I have read that the floating point processor in the cyrix chips is not up to par with Intel's, this must be why I can only manage 13fps in 320x240! Anyway, I plan on upgrading to an Amd k6-2 sometime after the first of the year, so I can buy an agp voodoo2 card then. I want to use the 2d/3d card in combination with the 3d card in the new setup. Is this possible?(pci and agp working together) What suggestions would you make about a good 2d/3d card(I was thinking of a diamond monster fusion)that would'dt break the bank. Also what kind of performance might I expect on my current system, by adding a quality 2d/3d card? Thanks in advance!