Matrox Mystique G200
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Thread: Matrox Mystique G200

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    Matrox Mystique G200

    I just bought this card it seems to be fine I am having a problem running q2 in 3d does anybody no how to set it up properly its just to dark and the lighting flickers from room to room, I also have a voodoo 4 meg is it possible to use this on top of the matrox even tho its not d3d

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    Well, sure you can use the Voodoo, but it wouldn't be such a good idea since the G200 is faster and the Voodoo would ruin the image quality.

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    Chanse Guest
    What are you using to run Q2, IT should be default OpenGL. To get some specifics, and a lot of good info for matrox, go on over to the MURC(Matrox users resource center)
    I heard that matrox has a opengl Direct 3D wrapper out, and not a final OpenGL . If that is true , that may be your problem.

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