Sorry to make this a new thread I just would
like to make sure it'snot burried. Question for ya Tron, and anyone else. You said you're running a 166 with a Banshee board. Should I assume that you've got a motherboard with a 100Mhz bus or do I not know what I'm talking about? Reason I ask is because up until about 3 days ago I was thinking about a Pheonix Banshee, 'til I "realized" that I may not be able to use ANY decent grahphics card with my
66Mhz PCI bus. Lemme know if I'm in left field with my logic. I'd love to be wrong and find out that I can use something with a
Banshee chipset, even if it will not be at peak performance. Thx.for sugestions/opinions.