Need help with S3 Virge DX will not initialize
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Thread: Need help with S3 Virge DX will not initialize

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    Colin Guest

    Need help with S3 Virge DX will not initialize

    I have just installed a Digital Research DRVGA3D-4MB. The machine will run the post and then initialize the first two ISA PnP cards but locks up and does not initialize the video card. I have tried several cmos combinations, trying to fix the problem. Any help would be greatly appriciated

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    Colin Guest
    I have fixed the problem with the video card with help form this forum. Thanks Leo!! I had a conflict with the other cards. Even though the cards where all PnP, there was a conflict. the IRQ mapping done by the BIOS was not set correctly. I had it set to PCI-Auto. I had not thought to set it to ISA, I set it to every other PCI option. After resetting the cmos to ISA the machine initialized all cards and runs without a problem. I'm not sure as to why the BIOS has to be set to ISA but the motherboard manuel states that the ISA is given resources first and then the PCI bus. I'm not sure if this is the same as other hybrid boards. I'm running an FIC PA-2002 at 166Mhz. I hope this helps anyone else trying to set up a new card.
    Thanks again to the forum!!

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