Ok, first off, I have a 2500+ Barton (not mobile). I've had it overclocked for quite a while at around 2.3. My FSB was around 420.

Well, I decided to fool around with it a bit, you know increasing and stabilizing things. I got my FSB up to 440, stable (1.85 volts).

Now, I then noticed my multiplier was at 11x! So, I increased it to 12.5x. But it didnt change. The BIO setting was at 12.5, but the system info in BIOS was telling me it was still 11x. So, I tried decreasing it. Same thing.

So, is it just not telling me the actual multiplier or is not changing it? Is there another setting somewhere so I CAN change it (I have the Abit NF7-S MB)?

One more question. Will voltage kill the CPU, or is it the temperture of the CPU that will kill it. Like, I put my voltage up to 2.0 for a bit, and I was still getting like 42 degrees C idle. So, if the temperture's ok, is upping the volts ok?