How is the 2600+ Barton M for Overclocking..
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Thread: How is the 2600+ Barton M for Overclocking..

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    How is the 2600+ Barton M for Overclocking..

    Right now im runnin an Athlon XP 2000+ 216X10.5 @2268Mhz and 1.9v with water cooling and I was looking for something that has a little more juice well I hope a lot more juice but anyway....... does anyone know how the Athlon XP 2600+ M "Barton" overclockes compared to the 2500+ version......... and is it worth it...... my curent CPU is able at run @2.4Ghz and 2.1V but not stable.... meaning that it won't pass Prime and other tests but runns windows without a problem..... with the new one I hope I will be able to go above that at least.....

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    I'm running the 2500+ M (Barton) currently @ 2577MHz 1.75V, 38C idle 47C load. I had it up to 2700MHz (180x15) stable and able to run 3DMark 03 and Prime95. Had to set Vcore at 1.9V, but there's some hot summers here in Ohio, so I can't wait for winter to come! As for the 2600+ M, I have read many people easily able to go straight to 2600MHz at 1.7V, and some claim up to 2.8GHz!!! I don't think my 2500+ M will make it that far, but a 900MHz increase is awesome anyway. These mobiles are going FAST, so you better decide quickly. Newegg listed about 10 Athlon XP-M's when I purchased my 2500+ on 6/17/04. They're now only listing 6 XP-M's. They had the 2500+ and 2600+ 35 Watt, but now it's just down to 2000+ and 2200+ with 35 Watt. Don't know if this is due to the demand and they can't keep up, or they're just running low. Cash in now, go for the 2600+ and shoot for the sky!!!
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    Likely they are phasing them out. Supposadly they are doing a die shrink on the AthlonXP, but only as a low voltage mobile chip. Everything else will be phased out by the Athlon64 when it finishes its die shrink. This is supposed to be done around September/October for the Athlon64 at least.

    Think if they could get an AthlonXP 3200+ in the 25-35w range. It is possible. AMD has been saying their samples of their 90nm SOI is showing very good voltage and thermal characteristics. I have also seen pictures of an AthlonXP 3500+ low voltage mobile chip floating around. They also said there were a few tweeks to the core and it benchmarked about 1-3% faster in many of the benchmarks they ran it on. I think it was also a 35w chip. I'm hopping to get the desktop version of that chip before Christmas and overclock the snot out of it. I really think these chips will do 3Ghz pretty easy. I'd need DDR that can do 500Mhz, but its out there and the nForce3 250Gb has been hitting 250Mhz bus speeds without any trouble.
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    Well if AMD is doing a shrink on the chip then It would be better for me to wait and get a new chip....... does anyone know were I can find the info on these chips and the die shrink????

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    well, my 2600M is doing fine since day one

    could do better i believe if i had a better mobo

    running at 35C right at the moment, and never above 43C running games

    gl and hf with it

    definately an improvement over my older 2000+ which i could not get to run stable above 1.7g, this mobil 2600 is running at 2.5g with np's whatsoever, truely happy with it
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