Radeon 9600pro Artifacts attack!!!!
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Thread: Radeon 9600pro Artifacts attack!!!!

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    Exclamation Radeon 9600pro Artifacts attack!!!!

    I recently added a radeon 9600pro 256mb to my system and have been confronted a drastically annoying problem in which all the textures become odd green, purple, and other colored block artifacts. A friend suggested the power supply might be the problem, but the new 450w PS doesn't do any good. Furthermore, the system doesn't seem to be running too hot. It can get up to 45 degrees C, but normally hovers around 40. If I set the card to optimal performance in the control panel it helps a bit but after a while the strange atrifacts return. Please help!!!
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    Might be a defective card- that's an obvious memory problem beit overclocking or heat or simply bad memory. Since you're not overclocking and it's not hot, bad memory would be my guess. There was a rash of cards with bad video memory this past 12 months or so- I had a bad one myself. And the replacement they send also had bad RAM! Call up tech help and explain your problem- you might be able to RMA it if it's not too late.

    Also, never hurts to have a better PSU! I wouldn't feel bad about that move

    But my advice: return that card, and get one that's not defective.
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