Mounting 2 HD's on top of each other
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Thread: Mounting 2 HD's on top of each other

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    Mounting 2 HD's on top of each other

    Hey all. Should I be concerned about the drives getting too hot if I was to do this? Both 7200 rpm. Only 3-3.5" bays, one external for floppy. One 80mm front panel case fan and a 60mm exhaust on rear panel. Here's a pic of my case.

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    I have similar situation, so I fitted 80mm fan on the side of the 3.5" bays bracket

    HW monitor reads Hdd temps around 25C

    BTW I dont know if this is actual temp sond in Maxtor disk or is it just an approximation

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    You will get a few responses to this one, I bet.

    I have the same setup, and I have mounted the second hard drive up in one of the open 5.25 inch bays, just to help with what you are concerned with. You can get an adaptor to make it fit-just a couple of dollars.

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    I'm always wary of HDD heat, so if it was me doing this I would probably consider getting rid of the floppy drive and mounting the drives with some space in between at least. If you want to keep the floppy, maybe put a converter in to mount it in the 5.25inch bays, that's another possibility anyway.

    You can also bodge a HDD cooler onto the base of the 3.5" drive bays - so it's fixed under the HDD blowing air onto it instead of fixing it to the HDD itself.

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    It really depends on the cooling in your case- I thought my case had excellent cooling, and I even had gaps between my 3 drives (my tower has room for 6 3.5" drives) and one of the floppy bays open for ventilation- but the m-fer still got hot enough to kill one of my drives outright and (I'm pretty sure) damage two others so that they failed prematurely But I'd been running that identical setup for probably about 6 years and had never noticed the problem! I'm very careful about drive cooling now- putting them in 5.25" bays with plenty of ventilation! $8 is cheap insurance for your data
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    If that is actually the case you are using I'd throw it away and get a better one. If that is not an option then I would take a jig saw and mod the heck out of it. All those fan grills look horribly restrictive. Removing the fan grills and adding simple $1 wire grills can drastically drop your case temps.

    If you have an open CD bay then use that to mount one. Heat can shorten the life of a hard drive quite a bit. Some of the dynamic fluid bearing 7200RPM drives do not generate as much heat and might be OK, but I would not push it. Loosing data sucks and hard drives are expensive (those two hard drive likely cost more than most VERY nice cases). Usually retail hard drives come with the brackets needed to mount in a CD bay.

    A seperate fan blowing air over a drive is also a nice idea. It is best if the drives are mounted infront of the front case fan to get fresh air, but any air movement over them helps quite a bit.
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    I have had serious trouble before with two 7200 RPM hard drives right on top of each other. (Edit: in a case looking hauntingly like that in your pic.) As in, in summer the combo overheated to the point where it wrote data in the wrong places. I've had to physically reformat the drives several times, to get them even usable again. Not quite fun.

    Now admittedly, that was with old drives, which ran hotter than the newest models, but still... got bitten once. I wouldn't try it again.

    Basically, if you absolutely must place them like that, you _must_ have a fan blowing directly on them. In my case, the short term solution was manually adding two 50mm fans to blow on the two hard drives. (Completely unobstructed.)

    Looking at that case in the pic, I see that the front fan is way down, not blowing on the hard drives. I.e., no, that won't do.

    Cutting a bigger hole for the fan won't cut it either. (Pun intended.) The above mentioned data loss happened with an open case. A less obstructed 80mm hole down there, with or without fan, still leaves you with a slightly higher temperature inside the case, than an open case. Which, again, didn't do much to prevent some massive(ly annoying) data loss.

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    Put the drives down where the airflow is, behind the front fan, not in the middle or the top. Heat rises and there's very little to no airflow up there. How to mount them? Look here
    And while you're at it, cut out the restrictive grille behind the front fan and make sure there are enough openings in the front bezel to let air get through to the fan and the drives.
    Your drives will thank you.

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    Thanks for the replies. As soon as I get the machine running again, I'm going to mount the floppy in the spare 5.25" bay. The fan mounts all have been cut out already. The two rear exhaust fan mounts have the wire grills and the front 80mm is just open behind the front panel. I think I will mount the second 60mm on the back and maybe another 80mm on the removable side panel blowing on the hard disks. I think I may be pushing the limits now of my measly 250W Sparkle PS though.

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    Originally posted by johnCT
    I think I may be pushing the limits now of my measly 250W Sparkle PS though.
    I was think along the same lines and hoping that was not your exact case picture.

    No problems with these 4 drives . . . 2 60mm fans blowing over them like above mentioned suggestions.

    On top of the 4 drives are a floppy drive, a memory reader in a 3.5" slot, a DVD drive, a DVD +-R, RW drive, and two removeable Hard drive caddys topping out the case.

    There is a 60mm exxhaust fan in the top of the case also.

    [EDIT] To adjust image size.

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