z-560 vs z-680. which sub is better?
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Thread: z-560 vs z-680. which sub is better?

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    z-560 vs z-680. which sub is better?

    For people who've compared the Logitech Z-560 and Z-680, can you tell me how they compare? I'm mainly wondering.. which subwoofer is better?

    The Logitech website doesn't say all this special stuff about the Z-680 subwoofer, but the Z-560 subwoofer gets some attention (8" long-throw woofer, wood enclosure, brute force subwoofer, etc.). In addition to that, I personally think the Z-560 sub looks.. like it can pack a better punch, but I don't know. Looks aren't everything.

    Just wanna know stuff like.. Does the Z-680 sub have a wood enclosure? an 8" woofer? what type? which provides the better THUMP with clarity? Or are they the same? Thanks in advance!

    edit: The Adrenaline Vault review: "The subwoofer is definitely a bit more powerful than the venerable Z560s, but the frequency cut off range for transition from the sub to the satellites is well decided and implemented for all genres."
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