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Thread: Babies....

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    Looking at a post down the page I was 'membering my first game.

    I think it was called Zork, text based on green screen, the Apple had no hard drive and operated on 5 1/4 floppies...they were actually floppy....
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    My first computer-related memory was getting a 48k Spectrum when I was about 7, and playing Horace goes Skiing for hours on end. That would've been about 1982......ouch

    When you look at Far Cry and the HL2 demos it makes you realise just how far gaming has come in 20-odd years....
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    I remember typing in games into a Vic20 from magazines. I also have memories of loading tapes. Waiting 1/2 for a game to load!. I cannot remember what machine that was tho!

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    My first was a TI-99-4A computer. Connected to the TV, and had a tape drive. Then an Apple II+ was the next. Cant remember the game, but I recall driving around in some sort of a tank blowing things up. I think!!

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    I too had a TI 99/4A computer. My first game on it was Munchman... the game that got Texas Instruments sued for it's similarity to Pac Man:

    Also had Alpine, Parsec, Chisolhm Trail, and Tombstone City, another favorite.
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