i'm looking for a good laptop

these are the things i'm looking for in it

good gfx chip (ati9600m pro/turbo or the fastest mobile nvidia)
large harddrive(60-80Gb) 5400 -7200rpm
512-1024DDR SDRAM
4 in 1 Cardreader (for memory cards )

so a decent game machine for lan parties but also viable for school work

oh yeah, and i want it under $2500CND might go higher if it is the "perfect" system

and as linux friendly as possible (yep i'm one of those guys )

and yes i have been looking around,
Inspiron 8600
Asus M6000N
Mayhem G1 from www.abspc.com (can't really get that one b/c of shipping issues, they only ship in the US and i'm in Canada )