Ok, I've had so many damn troubles with this burner of mine. There are so many problems with my pc when I have it hooked up and using it. Where do i start...

First, the performance drops. I mean, I cant do ANYTHING hardly when its burning. This is unacceptable. My rig is fast, damn fast, and a measly burner should not slow it down so bad that text on the screen cant keep up with my typing. Granted, I can type 80+wpm, but this is rediculous. EVERYTHING slows down when burning. RAM is still at 830+MB free, but the CPU usage jumps from 83% to 100% consistently. The computer is just so damn slow, period.

2nd, it completely messes up games with it installed. Yeah, Command and Conquer mostly. I don't understand this at all. It kills network performance and makes the game skip really bad. This one is beyond me, and frankly I'm tired of it.

3rd, it NEVER EVER, and I mean NEVER burns at 48x. Its ALWAYS 24x. What the hell? I bought a 48x, not pay all the money for this and have it operate at half the speed. Unacceptable again.

I'm about ready to literally rip this piece of crap out of my case and throw it on the ground outside. Then proceed to run it over with the car a few times and bash the remains with a 20-lb sledge.

Does ANYONE know something I can try to save this burner or if its the burner for sure before I spend the money on another worthless piece of trash?

Thanks guys