Scanner HP 5p lost connection!
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Thread: Scanner HP 5p lost connection!

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    Exclamation Scanner HP 5p lost connection!

    Hi! After format and install a version of Windows 2000 Pro in my computer, I tried to install my scanner (HP ScanJet 5p) with SCSI card Symbios Logic 53C416 but unfortelly I couldn't.
    First time , when I install the card, connect the scanner and start the windows, it's detect the card and the model scanner correctly, and I can work with ir without problems. The problem exist when I simply restart, or shutdown, the system. When the windows boots the scanner no longer exist, only the scsi card.
    I tried reinstall all drivers and scanner software but the problem still continue. If I format the disk and install the windows again, the scanner works ok on the first time, but in the first reboot, I lost it again. Can you help me?
    Helder Ganhão

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    Your SCSI card may not be detected properly or has the wrong drivers installed. Try updating the drivers. Here

    The hardware is so old it may not work with Windows 2000. Another optioisn is to add the service packs to W2K. This again may not help.

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    It may also be a notion of the drivers not being supported by Windows 2000, due to the age of the scanner. I have a printer like that. It has unsupported W2K drivers, and it works fine. But I cannot boot up the machine with the printer on, or it will not work. I boot up, and then I turn the printer on and everything is fine. You might try that trick with your scanner and see if it helps.

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