Got it put together: antec case, DFI mobo, 2400 XP mobile, went with OCZ 3200 2-2-2 512 MB, 900a heatsink with panaflo sitting on top, 120 fan at rear blowing out, 120 fan up front turned all the way down via rheostat (sp).

Booted up nice. XP install went well. I'll be visiting Black Viper's site soon to do some XP tweaking.

Downloaded CPUID, Sandra, memtest, and something else. CPUID indicated I was at 133 FSB and 6 multiplier for a wopping 800 MHz. I let it stay there for a day. Earlier today I bumped the FSB up to 200, so am at 1200 MHz currently and will let it stay there for a day until I figure out what to do from here.

I've got to reread some posts to reconceptualize how to OC. At another site they often speak of downloading new BIOS for the mobo, beta ones. I'm a little iffy on that until I learn a lot more.

There's a lot of stuff to do and get excited about. Tonight I'll be researching something to monitor the CPU temps while in windows.

Oh yes, this "Prime95" thing... I thought it was some fancy stress tester and the site I went to said it was some kind of search program for *prime numbers.* is that the program people speak of? Not what I had in my thoughts when hearing this program being tossed about in various forums

I kinda want to see how sporty my memory is. Do I just keep uping the FSB in small increments and see when the system fails to boot? I've left the multi at 6...some murky remembrance of a poster going with a small multi to see how high the RAM will go while knowing it isn't because the CPU is the limiting factor.

Oh yeah, that whole cas, ras, t-ras, and something going to "11" for athlon chips. Fun, fun, fun.

Now is not the time to assault my PC with my ignorance, I'm off to read up.

I want to learn that Ghost program too, so I can make an image of my partition.

ta, I'll keep you up to date,