Got my SLK-800A!
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Thread: Got my SLK-800A!

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    Thumbs up Got my SLK-800A!

    I've been meaning to create this thread for a while, but have had no spare time at all.

    Anyway, about 2 weeks ago I got a nice delivery of a Thermalright SLK-800A to replace my SK-6+. The SK-6+ kept my Barton 2500+ @ 2.1GHz at 48c full load. Anything faster and the temps would shoot up.

    Here's a couple of screenies... if you're interested.

    SK-6+ Idle

    SK-6+ Under Load

    When I first installed the SLK-800, the temps were excellent. 2GHz @ 1.5v with the SLK-800. Since then, I've messed around with fan placement and my temps have shot up... I now run 45c idle @ 2.2GHz / 1.775v, when I used to get these temps.

    Here you can see my Barton 2500+ running at stock speeds, aswell as being undervolted to 1.45v. It idled at 33c and maxed out at 34c, hehe.

    This screenshot shows the idle and loaded temps at 2.1GHz.

    This is at 2.1GHz again, but after running Prime95.

    I also tried my luck at 2.4GHz, but didn't get very far. You can see a few screenies here, if you're interested.

    I'm currently using a 2500rpm Akasa LED fan, but plan to put my Thermaltake Smart Fan II on later. This case benefits from having 2 exhaust fans. It drops the temperatures by about 4-5c.

    Anyway, this thread has no purpose, but I just thought that other people would like to see how the SLK-800 performs. Some great bargains going on eBay
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    trying to make me gelous.....AGAIN lol only messing

    well done
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    That's great news. Of all the computer-related things you can buy off ebay I'd say one of your safest bets is buying a heatsink - there ain't much to screw up!!

    Now what kinds of problems were you experiencing at 2.4? 47*C ain't all that bad for a 600MHz overclock on a desktop proc.
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