PC just shuts down after 10 minutes?
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Thread: PC just shuts down after 10 minutes?

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    PC just shuts down after 10 minutes?

    Just built a new pc and was installing the OS and it it just shut down on me. it wouldnt start up so i let it sit then came back 15 mins later. it started and went thru the install again and it shut down again but a different place in the install. now it wont boot at all. its not even turning on. at first i thought the cpu overheated and it shut down for safety. but now i think the psu is fried. anything i can do to make sure or anything else i can do? thanks

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    Grasping at straws,
    Clear the CMOS.

    If possible,
    Test parts in question in working system...
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    Specs man! We need specs!!!!

    Heat or PS are the most likely problems, but it could be other things. Make sure everything is seated good (video, memory, plugs, cables) and clear the CMOS.

    Also you can test a PS by unplugging everything and take the 20 pin connector that plugs into the motherboard. Use a small wire to jumper between the green wire and one of the black wires (grounds). This will turn on the PS and the fans in the PS should turn on. This will see if the PS works at all or is completely dead. This does not have any load, so it still might fail in the system.

    The other thing is the heatsink might not have been mounted correctly and you fried the CPU. Most newer motherboard have protection against this, but it might not work that well. I tested the protection curcits on my MSI K7N2-L several times and it works really good. I had the heatsink hanging up on the edge of the socket so it was only touching the edge of the CPU. It would turn off after less than a second. I tried several times (20+ ). I even set the bus to 100Mhz (safety mode jumper) and it ran for about 20 seconds. This was long enough for me to get intoi the BIOS and watch the temps rise quickly befor it shut down again. You might check this if it does turn on again. I spotted the problem then and shifted the heatsink over a tiny bit and all was fine. Nothing was damaged.

    To reset my power supply I had to unplug it for about 20 seconds. I'm not sure if it was the power supply resetting or the protection curcuit on the motherboard resetting, but it would boot up again. I'm very happy AMD implimented this feature with their XP CPUs and most motherboard manufacturers jump at it within a few months after that.
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    I built a PC for a mate just after Christmas, with an Asus A7V8X-X and Barton 2500+. The machine would just shut down periodically for no reason at all. A few weeks ago, the machine wouldn't switch on at all. My friend continued to press the power button repeatedly. Eventually the machine switched on for a split second, and then the power supply blew. One of the capacitors in the PSU had blown up completely.

    It ended up taking out the motherboard. As Todd has said, it would help us a lot more if you could tell us what make/model power supply you are using.
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    Is the power lead to the CPU fan connected? Sounds like the heatsink is on fine, but the fan isn't spinning, hence the 10mins before it shuts down.

    Just a guess,

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    ok we have tried 3 psu's and fried them all. one 400w the original 450w and a 200w. they are all crapped out. the 400w the fuse was blown. we could visibly see it. any suggestions? is our power strip bad? do we need to burn in the power supplies? im at a loss for things to try. thanks for all the help though!

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    probably a problem with hte motherboard or power strip then try a different power strip and plug.
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