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Thread: What brand 9800Pro

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    What brand 9800Pro

    I'm planning on replacing my Sapphire Atlantis 9600Pro with a 9800pro. What brand would you recommend? I'm a little unhappy with my Sapphire card because I can't get the RAM OC'd past 315. Is this common with Sapphire? Should I try a different brand?

    I see good prices on Powercolor and Gigacube cards. Are these dependable and good OCr's?

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    my powercolor is very dependable, yet i dont boast it for o/c'ing....

    buy good brand name for that, like asus.... although i wonder why you need to overclock a 9800p anyways.....

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    I would go for BBA (built by ATI), because of warranty, if you have some problems with your local shop, you can always send it to ATI

    And looks like BIOS ATI puts in their cards is still the most dependable of the bunch

    As for OC, I dont think there is much of a difference there
    granted GeCube I own does come with 400/700 default, so because of this you are almost guranteed to get 2.8ns ram and looks like its always Samsung, however if I would have the option of choosing when I was buying, I would go for BBA. I had quite a lot of problems before I made it work as it should, incl. getting better heatsink and changing BIOS for one BBA
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    ATI is fine, but their support sucks really bad. I'd get Saphire personnally. They actually make ATI's cards (or at least the company that owns them does). They are pretty cheap and easy to find. I've heard mixed things about PowerColor. Most say they are great, some say they overclock great, and others have had lots of issues with bad cards.
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    Thanks for the help. I'll have to take a look at some of the brands mentioned. I hadn't really looked closely at the BBA cards before because I got a very good price on my 9600pro and didn't continue shopping.

    As far as the OC'ing, I'm hoping that this purchase will last me a few years. I'm assuming that eventually I'll probably want to OC. I agree that there would be no reason to do it now, unless you just want to raise your benchmark scores.

    Thanks again,


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    Just bought a Sapphire 9800 Pro for my stepsons machine and it works great. (Celeron T 1300).

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    Another vote for Sapphire I've got the R9800 Pro 128MB and it's been flawless since day one.
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    same here, np's at all, no need to oc it either,,all is well here,,,but, it does oc well
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    I also got the Sapphire 9800p from newegg 212 dollars. Been working great

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    Like EVERYONE else I too have a wonderful Sapphire 9800P that o/c's great and runs flawlessly.
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