What the heck?! My MB Ram dropped from 256 to 224 MB!
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Thread: What the heck?! My MB Ram dropped from 256 to 224 MB!

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    What the heck?! My MB Ram dropped from 256 to 224 MB!

    I was surfing comfortably at this site and others, then my computer suddenly halted and when I reset my machine, to my amazement MB Ram dropped from 256 to 224 MB! Always when I started the computer (for the last three years) I got 262,000 MB Ram, now I only see 229,000 MB Ram. Is there something wrong with my Ram? Is there a way to fix it?

    I can see that it's affecting my system. Any solutions to fix this problem will be greatly appreciated.

    Thx in advance

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    I would just take the sticks out, maybe swap them around to reseat them.

    It sounds like some of the chips have gone bad though.

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    Its also possible that, if you have on board video, that the frame buffer is using up the difference. The amount of memory that is set aside for use by the frame buffer can usually be set in the BIOS.
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