I am thinking of getting an MSI Mega 180 system - looks a bit like a shuttle XPC but has a HiFi display at the front - which I quite like.


The power supply is 200w and I intend to use it as a gaming PC and server (dual boot). The MSI Mega 180 PC has an AGP x8 port slot and a PCI slot. I don't play games very often (but I have to have a decent system for FarCry!!!) so most of the time it will be up and running as my home server (I will not be turning it off very often)

Other stuff that will be installed:
- 250 GB ATA133 disk
- Athlon XP 2800+ CPU
- single 1 GB DIMM PC 2700
- DVD Drive

My question is: if I install my new Hercules ATI 9800xt card (256 MB DDR) on the AGP slot and a Prodigy Sound card, I am running the risk of overheating / other issues?

Is there any extra stuff I can install to ensure that the system doesn't overheat / blow up...

Any input will be much appreciated.