Are all laptop screens created alike?
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Thread: Are all laptop screens created alike?

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    Are all laptop screens created alike?

    I've been using a Thinkpad for some time now - I don't do much work on it, but I use it rather often for demos, so the quality of the screen is a very important factor for me - in fact, the important factor.

    But now the machine has died on me (in fact the screen gave out, but that's another story).

    What I'm wondering is this - I've always been attached to Thinkpads because I thought the screens were better than on other laptops. Now I hear that actually laptop screens are all pretty much made by just a few companies.

    If I get a Sony or a Samsung will the screen be just as good - bright, colorful, sharp - as my Thinkpad's?

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    The screan on my cheap'o VPR Matrix (subsidiary of Best Buy)laptorp has a 15.2" wide screan and it looked just as good as all the others on display. The only ones that seemed a bit better were the larger and much more expensive 17" screans.
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    The best way to test this is go with one of your deoms to the store with many laptops on sale, like BB and have them play the demo on different laptops, make sure all are set to the same colour depth and to native resolutions

    As far as build quality goes I would stay with IBM

    BTW I only used IBM CRT monitors, in the old days of G series and they were basically Sony T monitors

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    I thought my Sharp's screen looked every bit as good as the comparable VAIO which was priced several hundred dollars more for less features. With IBM, you're paying a premium just for the name. Not as bad as it used to be, but they're still a brand.
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