How to overclock a Radeon 9200 (non SE).
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Thread: How to overclock a Radeon 9200 (non SE).

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    How to overclock a Radeon 9200 (non SE).

    Hi all. I just bought a cheap graphics card (not a big gamer) for a new computer. It is a Gigabyte ("powered by radeon") 9200 with 64MB of 4ns DDR. Not exactly a powerhouse but at least it's not the "SE" model.

    Gigabyte ships a program called "Vtuner" with the card. This is described as being "a Gigabyte overclock and tweak utility". The program gives you a very impressive looking control panel were you are supposed to be able to bump the memory and core clocks in 1MHz increaments. Unfortunately for me the program functions rather more like a bitmap than an actual utility. I can click on that sucker as much as I want but it wont change any clock speeds at all. I assume that those functions are simply unavailable on my budget model card but there is no documentation or anything else to help me confirm this. Grrr, this really suxs monkey nuts

    So does anyone know of any other utilities to help me overclock this card. It runs extremely cool so I'd like to give it a small increase if possible.

    BTW, the simpler and less bloated the solution then the better as far as I'm concerned. Also if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong with Vtuner could they let me know. Perhap there is some registry hack or whetever that I need to do before that program will let me change anything.


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    You can try Radlinker/Radclocker

    LINK to dl

    works with CAT 3.10 that I am using

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