5900 Ultra Temp?
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Thread: 5900 Ultra Temp?

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    5900 Ultra Temp?

    I've just purchased an evga.com nvidia geforce fx 5900 ultra, and I was wondering if someone could tell me if these temperatures are good.

    The GPU core temp is 47C IDLE and the highest Ive seen it during load is 77C.

    I am wondering if this sounds like it may be a little to hot or is this the normal temp for this card. I haven't experienced any problems from this temp though.

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    That is around the same temp as my MSI GF FX 5900 Ultra 256 is running at.

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    Someone else here was having a similar problem like that a while ago (but I think it was even hotter). The company said it was fine, but he did not like it and RMAed it for a new one. The new one ran much cooler. He was never able to tell if it was an impropperly installed heatsink or a deffective temperature probe. It ran stable, but the temps were WAY too high.
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