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    Question Monitor switches

    Has anyone found a good svga monitor switch out there?

    I am looking to share one monitor with my PC and my MAC and I really don't want to go the KVM route.

    So far the two switches I have tried had ghosting problems (which seem to get worse over time). I am using super high quality shielded cables, but can't seem to find a box that is decent. Even when I completely remove the cable leading to computer from the switcher, I still have ghosting on the other.

    Please let me know if anyone has found an affordable solution.

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    BlackBox ServSwitch series is pretty good, but you're going to pay through the nose. Problem is, with KVM or V switches, you really get what you pay for and the sub-$200 ones suck at high resolutions.

    How often do you switch? A ghetto solution might be to run a 36" VGA extension cable to the front of your desk and simply plug/unplug whichever one you want.
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