safe to transport computer with zalman 7000a-cu in it?
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Thread: safe to transport computer with zalman 7000a-cu in it?

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    safe to transport computer with zalman 7000a-cu in it?

    Can i move my computer around w/ the zalman in it without worring that the fan will shift around?
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    yup! it should be just fine. Although it wouldn't hurt to try to miss as many pot holes as possible :P

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    The new HSs fasten to the mobo or to heavier plastic clips; the old HSFs which fastened to really flimsy plastic tabs were the ones I'd worry about.
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    I could be wrong on this but don't the instructions that come with it say that the HSF should be removed from the mobo when transporting the PC?
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    it wouldnt hurt to give it a little check after you have transported.
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