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Thread: in need of new PSU, maybe Chieftec 420W

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    Not completely, but your other suggestion worked thanks

    With new PSU I couldnt recreate event when artifacting started with Prime95 and 3dmark2003 running simultaneously

    but UT2004 onslaught still produced them after some 45min-1hour playing

    so first I lowered default speed from 400/350 to what is default on Sapphire Atlantis: 380/340 no problems after good hour of playing onslaught

    then I flashed the ATI BIOS you recommended, upped the core/mem to GeCube overclocked default 400/350 and set botmach onslaught to run for 9000+ seconds

    checked after hour and a half, no artifacts

    I forgot to set virtual memory to higher value, so I ran out of memory, however, wil do that when I go out tommorow, set botmach to 8 hours and hopefully everything will be OK
    I am quite sure this time it will be

    As you allready discovered, something is very much wrong with GeCube BIOS and I have seen more of the similar reports around the net

    BTW later I will try some overclocking
    I guess with 350(700) ram is more or less at its ceiling, but I would like to check if core can go higher
    it easily goes to 450,however I havent checked for artifacts with something like UT or rthdribl tool yet
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