in need of new PSU, maybe Chieftec 420W
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Thread: in need of new PSU, maybe Chieftec 420W

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    in need of new PSU, maybe Chieftec 420W

    I need a new PSU, something with a stronger 5V line

    got suggestion on the forum that it could have coused R9800 being undervolted and producing artifacts under full VGA and CPU load, something I would definitely like to remedy

    currently 32A on my Enermax, also 5V line is dropping close to allowed 5% deviation when CPU is running on max and probably well bellow with Radeon starting to work

    I can get Chieftec HPC-420-302 DF
    review at THG
    5v .... 40A
    and 3.3v+5v is specified at 185W by Enermax and 220W with Chieftec

    I guess I could get Antec True power, however only 480W is close to the 40A specs for 5v line and the price is a bit more then 150$ compared to about 80$ (tax incl.) for Chieftec
    BTW I am not from US and good PSUs are quite expansive here

    so as always any suggestions greatly appreciated
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