Problems with PCMCI Cardbus
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Thread: Problems with PCMCI Cardbus

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    Problems with PCMCI Cardbus

    Just new to this. need some Tech advice. I recently bought a
    COMBO FIREWIRE/USB 2.0 Card for my laptop.

    It came with a power connector and I thought it wasnt needed juts plugged it in and thwe computer recognised it but nothing works with it. I then uninstalled the drivers and reloaded the card with power on still no action yet the computer knows its there. It says in one of the instruction lines something about a dangling install. If you would kindly go to this link you can see the Card Its the Combo card. Any ideas Please!!

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    Looks like uninstalling the driver alone isn't enough. Go into your device manager (control panel -> system -> hardware -> device manager), and check see what it has listed under USB controllers. It may be listed there, and removing it might allow you to re-install it correctly.

    Otherwise, (assuming you're using xp), see if you have a recent restore point... you may just want to go back to it.

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