Game Freezing Please Help!
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Thread: Game Freezing Please Help!

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    Game Freezing Please Help!


    I am experiencing a problem with my Games Freezing occasionally and then the ATI VPU Recovery appears.

    It happens in all my games and just out of the blue BAM! it freezes and becomes non-responsive until the VPU recovery appears.

    Please help me deal with this problem. Below are my system specifications.

    * Pentium 4 3Ghz (800Fsb & HT)
    * 1Gig DDR400 Ram running in Dual Channel
    * Radeon 9600XT
    * Windows XP
    * Soltek SL-86SPE-L Mainboard (supports 800fsb, HT, DDR400 & Dual Channel)

    I think thats all you need...?

    Need any other system info please dont hesitate to ask.

    PS: Have latest Drivers Gfx Card, Have tried decreasing AGP speed, tried running RAM in single chanell...

    SECONDLY. When i am playing games (when they havent crashed lol) Sometimes when i look around quickly things appear like this:

    (This is a screenshot i manipulated to show you what I mean (not an actual screenshot of this happening (obviously))).

    But when it ACTUALLY happens, my weapon and player models are not affected (only the backgrounds).

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    I'm no expert, but my thought is, is it possible the vidcard is overheating? I don't know how you'd check nor what you'd do if it is but if you can get a case temp that might be helpful.

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    Well, the only time I had an issue with VPU recovery error was with CoD, and to fix it I had to install the Omega drivers from this site Omega ati drivers , but that was only for one game and only at a particular point in the game.
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    So no-one has had the same experience?

    Does anyone know where I can get software to check my card Temp?

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    You night want to check to see if you have a driver conflict. Did you have nVidia card and then switche to ATI. If so make sure the other drivers are completely off of your machine.
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    I had a nVidia card once, yes, but never with this machine. This machine is about 2weeks old and i think it has always had ATI drivers installed...

    Ill check...

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