NFSU best scores?
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    NFSU best scores?

    Hey guys, was hoping we could compare top scores in NFS Underground. I've seen people say they get ridiculously low drag times (like 16 sec), but then I realized they were on a console which plays a little differently than the PC version.

    So I was wondering what your all best scores are (on the PC only)? Here's mine for comparison:

    Best single drift on the second track (I think, it's the crooked rectangle looking one)

    Notice lap 3 has zero points, because to score that high of a drift I had to continuously drift through nearly 1½ laps.

    Here's my best drag time to date on 14th and Vine

    And I kinda did this one just for fun, but here's my highest top speed, acheived on the drag strip

    The only pointers I have to give are for the drags. If you tap the NOS key, you accelerate much faster. I used to hold it down just a second after entering third gear. But I found if I tap it, I can start in second gear, and still have NOS left over by the time I hit sixth.

    Prior to learning the "tap technique", my best time was 21.06 w/ 6 of 6 perfect shifts.
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