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Thread: Case and PSU recomendations

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    Case and PSU recomendations


    Over the past few weeks I have been searching for a new video card. Now that I think I have it narrowed down I found out that the ones that I want require a minimum power supply of at least 300W. I have a 250W PSU. My question is that since I have a generic Gateway tower, should I go ahead and buy a new case/PSU combo, or just a new PSU? This will be my first Computer that I have tampered with so I am unsure as to any benefits that you may gain by doing this. This is unexplored territory for me so please forgive my ignorance in this area. Oh, my intent with this is to eventually have a system that I can upgrade and not have to buy a whole system once one piece of it become obsolete.

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    Antec if you want a quality case and a good power supply. They have many models, but their True Power power supplies are the best right now.
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    Buy the graphics card and try it with the existing PSU - it will probably be fine. Don't forget that Shuttle SFC can run Radeon 9800 cards using a 250W PSU, so I would be surprised if you had a problem (unless of course you are also running lots of drives, CDROMS, fans etc etc)

    If you need to get a case / PSU combo, I'd suggest the Antec 3700BQE.
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    check out the xsonic xtreme a28k cases. they have a 400w psu, two extra case fans, an LCD temperature display and LEDs. dunno what the website is.

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    i was running the system in my sig with a 230Watt PSU. but i think it would be a good idea to get a New case and Antec PSU just for reliability so you dont blow the psu and it takes all the components with it!
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