Hey all,
I am building a pc for my brother. It will mainly be for gaiming but he will not be doing anything too extreme 3d. I have a P4 2.0GHz with about 512MB of ram and that is just fine for him. Here are the specs that I am looking at for him... I want to stay with AMD as I hear they are better for gaming and the cost is very competitive. My intel is for Video editing.

case, mobo, psu:
Soyo Dragon Ultra KT400 Black Socket A Barebone Blue with Ultra 400Watt Power Supply

AMD Athlon XP 2200+ 1.8GHz (maybe overclocked?...)

C261-6051 Connect3D Radeon 7000 64MB AGP TV-Out & RCA

I will probably only have two 256MB DDR ram... 80GB hdd, cdrw, and the rest of the parts will all be bought locally.

After rebates it will all total roughly $380... I want to stay under $400.
So, How does that look? is there anything I should swap for somehting else or, mainly, is there anything I can do without for a lower price... (the mobo, psu, and case is bundled)
again, it is not for extreme gaming by any means but it is for 3d gaiming (mainly deer hunter, etc.).