could i oc this 2000+
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Thread: could i oc this 2000+

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    could i oc this 2000+

    in bios i see that it shows different ways to adust cpu seperately from fsb and such, should i be able to go into the cpu voltage selection, and bump it up and the cpu would increase speed or just voltage, lol

    do i not go into or yes go into the cpu timing or whatever and change something there?

    by changing the cpu timings and voltage will it automatically change my ddr speeds,,i run pc2100 and it should only do the 266 right?, if i try to up that it shouldn't go right?,,cant get 333 right? would need pc2700 for the 333 right?,,

    trying to get some clarity on this ppl,,bare with me please,,lmao
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    GEIL PC3200 CL2 3-3-6
    Seagate Barracuda 40g hd
    Saphire Radeon 9800Pro Atlantis 128
    core378/mem337.5 default
    Catalyst 5.12/dx9.0c
    Win 2000pro
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    Liteon DVD
    Old floppy
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    By upping the voltage, you raise only the voltage, not the speed of anything. Provided your 2000+ is unlocked, you can change the multiplier and FSB to get the O/C you want.
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    Richard, this is a guy who's only overclocked old Pentium 75 to 150's. However.........
    Often on current cpu's the multipier is locked and can't be changed. Some of the older AMD's could be unlocked by bridging the tiny traces on the cpu. But not all boards give you multipler control, especially not budget boards. Some of the XP's were unlocked -- Eg. the Barton 2500+ was unlocked, but for several months is now locked.
    So a common way of overclocking is to increase the bus speed, but this can create isssues with the AGP and PCI clocks as their clock speed is based on a fraction of the cpu bus speed. Some boards have a bios with a choice of bus/PCI/AGP ratios to deal with this.
    Voltage is usually raised only as necessary to make the sysytem stable. Since heat becomes an issue as the cpu is pushed harder, higher voltage adds to the heat problem.
    As for the ram, this is one of the reasons for buying DDR400 even though your cpu only needs 266. However, you still might be able to use a faster bus speed with your 266 by decreasing the individual timings (eg 2-2-2-6), but again only if your board's bios lets you adjust them.
    If I've made some mistakes here, corrections are welcome.

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    just bump up the FSB if you motherboard supports it. as you put it higher the proocessor needs more power, so this is what the voltage is for but more voltage = more heat.

    eventually the computer wont boot or it will restart if you go to far because the memory just cant handle it. thats why PC3200 memory is good, so that it can take the fsb speed being increased.

    happy overclocking
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