I considered posting a disclaimer to this post, but what the heck! Just for the record, I don't like Macs, but I wouldn't mind having one.

Here's the deal. My work is dumping off a two year old iMac because the CRT is dying. I wouldn't mind having a Mac to go along with my Windows and Linux computers. Afterall, I'm a computer junkie, and Macintoshes are computers too! *recites I have a dream speech*

Frankly, I would like to remove the CRT and salvage the parts in the machine, putting it all in another box. Its possible because I've seen it done. This iMac has a VGA port for a second monitor for mirroring purposes - perfect for me to plug in a spare monitor. The only question I have is concerning the monitor. I have heard horror stories of people getting killed by messing around with a CRT even after it has been unplugged. Well, this computer has been unplugged for practically a year and has just been sitting on a desk beside me collecting dust. Is there any possible way it could still be storing a charge? Is there anything else I should look out for when doing this little surgery? I don't want to die prematurely, ESPECIALLY if it's at the hands of a Mac. That would be too damned ironic, don't you think?