I went thru a very confusing time after changing hard drives.......

Keyboard quit working then started again, sound quit then started again, modem quit then started again, high end games all crashed or caused system crashes.......all over the course of 2-3 weeks. Then I started getting the blue screen of death with note..

Stop C:0000415 unknown hard error

using google to research that error code I find that it relates to the drivers for my graphics card, somehow.

I removed all ati display drivers and video capture stuff and still had problems. Did system search for ati files and found probably 30 more that uninstall missed. After removing those my system seems stable using plug and pray drivers.

I used the original drivers, an intermediate set and the latest drivers all with the same problems.

Now my question.......

Should I upgrade to the AIW Radeon 9700pro?
Is it likely my driver problems will go away?

I used the original stuff together for a year with no problems until I changed to the Seagate Drive.