OC to pc4200 and beyond?
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Thread: OC to pc4200 and beyond?

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    OC to pc4200 and beyond?

    I got my pc3700 to 534mhz..
    I'm going to try and go for 550mhz soon!
    wouldn't that be something, pc3700 running @ pc4400?
    if someone could OC pc2100 to 414mhz then maybe i could get mine to 600mhz..wow but i doubt i could get that far, but if i could i would get a OC of 3.8ghz or so w/ 1:1 ratio
    would that be called pc4800?
    do you think it can be done
    my current load temp is 41C
    It went up only 2c when i oc'd to 3.5ghz
    apogee:maze4:mag3:BIX2:2x sanyo denki
    ASUS P5WD2 Premium
    Intel 920 @ 322x14 = 4.5ghz @ 1.5v stable (314x14 1.45v 24/7)
    2GB Corsair PRO DDR2
    7900gt @ 680/850
    74GB WD Raptor - 250GB Maxtor SATA 16mb cache
    XaserIII v2000a - 520w OCZ Powerstream
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    my old PC2100 Crucial hits over 400MHz at crappy timmings.
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