Radiator question
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Thread: Radiator question

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    Radiator question

    hmm ok well I have a rad i'm going to use for my water cooling setup, I have been testing it and it doesn't leak at all or anything.

    I was just wondering if it is copper? It is not a copper colour but I would like to keep all the metals in my loop copper if possible.
    Is there any way to tell?

    All I know is that its a ford heater core. I found it in the middle of the woods so I cant say much mroe about it

    Here is a picture of it. I have cleaned it much after that picture.

    btw sorry if my pictures are slow as hell.. my friend is stealing all my bandwidth at the moment

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    Looks like a copper/brass cooler to me. Many cars I've seen have an aluminum radiator with an aluminum or plastic tanks. A fair amount do have brass/copper radiators though. Copper/brass radiators were used almost exclusively until the 1970s. The use of aluminum cores became quite common in the 1980's and well into the 90's. There seems to be a trend of moving back some to copper/brass coolers though. One of the main reasons that aluminum became common was its lightweight factor. Aluminum radiators were around 3X lighter than copper ones. Copper/brass coolers have come a long way since then, and are much more compact and effecient than before. In addition, copper/brass tends to be easier to work with and repair.

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