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    Exclamation DDR Memory question...

    I am building a system and would like a recommendation. I am putting together a Soyo dragon 2 with all the works. P4 w/800mhz fsb. I am curious, would it be better to use PC3700 ddr memory to make sure it runs smooth or buy PC3200 (ddr400)??? Any advice appreciated....

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    All things being equal and presuming that you are referring to the SY-P4I865PE DRAGON 2,

    PC3200 should be sufficient.
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    No, I am building a system with the new Dragon 2, it has an Intel 875 chipset.....


    it is Dual Channel, and can take an 800Mhz FSB cpu.....

    I am curious about the idea of getting memory that is rated for a faster speed and so 1. ensure that it will run without problems at the system speed I am building(400Mhz), and 2. In the case of an upgrade or overclock, it will still function(433Mhz, etc)....

    Does that sound right???

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