Anyone using these "Illuminated" keyboards?
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Thread: Anyone using these "Illuminated" keyboards?

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    Anyone using these "Illuminated" keyboards?


    These look cool! I've been looking at them and think this one together with a black LCD and Black Logitech cordless mouse and 5.1 speakers would be a hella cool desk area!

    Anyone used these yet? How do they work? Do the keys have a nice feel? I'm generally picky about my keyboards so I'm a little shy of spending $100 on this without someones endorsment!!!

    What do you guys think?

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    pretty cool, but no, i have no experience with one
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    Looks very techo.
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    I prefer ergonomic keyboards.
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    Yeh if it wasn't a laptop keyboard layout I'de get one. But laptop keyboards suck and so does this I'm afraid.

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    no experience with them and i must agree they are not my cup of tea and i could think of a lot i could do with $100
    how about buying some of that neon string and jazzing up your standard keyboard?
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    yeah reminds me of a laptop keyboard, but it does look really cool. I hate laptop keyboards, I loved the old keyboards thjat made the big "click" when you pushed it down

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    i had to use one of those older ones when i bust my regualr soft-touch one. the satisfying clunk and the novelty of having to whack the keys soon worse off when i got down to writing an essay
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    Here's a make-shift "illuminated" keyboard

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    ive always wondred why more keyboards arent lighted....

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    Them keyboards look sweet.
    I would get one if;
    1. They were ergonomic and
    2. They were available in Australia

    Dam us aussies not getting anything that is of technological value!
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    Tuxy I have the exact same altec lansing speakers!!

    As for the keyboard, I agree, if the layout wasn't so crammed I'd like it more.

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    I don't like the feel of laptop keyboards and I wouldn't spend $100 on a laptop keyboard.
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    I don't care for it. The layout and looks are not what I'm looking for, but maybe something like the Logitech Cordless MX DUO:

    I just checked out a small reveiw of them here:

    The odd thing is it lists the retail at $99. That would be a VERY good deal. I most see if that price is correct. That could be my birthday pressent if it is. Woo Hoo. NewEgg conferms this mighty combo with the MX700 mouse for $85 +$6 shipping here:

    The mouse alone at NewEgg is $61 +$5 shipping. That's only $24 (+$1 shipping) extra for the keyboard, which normally runs $36 (at NewEgg again).That would replace my junky generic keyboard and cheap'o Memorex wheel mouse (non-optically and corded).
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    I may just be thinking out loud, but I'd prefer if just the characters (letters, numbers, symbols, etc) were lit, and not the entire key. Sorta like a car's spedometer. This one here has too much light for my tastes.
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