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Thread: mouse trouble

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    mouse trouble

    the trouble started 2 weeks ago for no apparent reason. i have a logitech optical mouse and all of a sudden it started to hesitate and freeze on the page for 1-2 sec. i've replaced it with the one from work (same brand/type), still the same; bought a new one last week, still the same, changed usb to ps-2 adapter, re-installed the software...
    this is a very annoying issue, especially during a game or on the internet...
    any thoughts?

    xp pro
    ecs board k7s5a

    and a logitech optical mouse...


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    If you are fairly sure of when it started to do this, use your System Restore to go back to a point prior to the start of the troubles. Perhaps you downloaded some software program that screwed up your system.

    Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore
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