Anyone here play it? Any good at it?

It's an online RPG in which you build an army, attack people to try to steal their money, and make your army stronger, after which you may attack stronger people and make even more money. You grow bigger and make more money by getting clicked on and having your officers (people can sign up as your officers) get clicked on - you receive half a click for every click your direct officers get. You grow stronger by making use of turn income (once every half an hour you are given 50 gold per person in your army, unless you become a Human, in which case 62.5 gold) and by making use of gold you steal off others. It's not a video game, it's just text-based, but it is pretty addictive. I have gone to such lengths as waking up every few hours to spend my turn gold

I'm ranked 52 out of 150,000 some people as of this posting... 2 ranks away from the front page of the rankings.

Strike Action 97,558,281 Ranked #136
Defensive Action 165,036,026 Ranked #24
Covert Action 2,206,720 Ranked #217

There are prizes involved, but this age (Age 2) is near the end and almost everyone is starting to make their last minute bids for power, so there's not much of a chance for new players to get very far at this point. If you'd like to give it a shot and try to get the hang of it anyway here is the link: (or to sign up as my officer, click the link in my sig. but i'm going to be deleting my account when the new age arrives so i can sign up as someone else's officer, so if you'd like to stay as my officer you'd have to sign back up too.)