Please help me overclock P4 2.6 :)
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Thread: Please help me overclock P4 2.6 :)

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    Please help me overclock P4 2.6 :)

    I would like to get into the world of overclocking once again..... I've had P3 [email protected] and it was always exciting to learn about overclocking.... using a divider to change 1/3 -> 1/2 on AGP speed and such.... I have ABIT VI7 motherboard which I would like to use to overclock P4 2.6GHZ 800MHZ cpu. What would be the idea setting to run the computer @ 3GHZ? I would say... 230MHZ * 13 = 2990MHZ.....

    At 230MHZ FSB, other components will be put to stress as well.....

    AGP speed = 76.7MHZ
    PCI speed = 38.3MHZ
    256MB PC3200 DDR = 230MHZ

    Does ABIT VI7 motherboard give you a flexibility to change the divider value for the AGP, PCI to make sure other components are not stressed? What type of cooler (must be quiet) do you recommend for the CPU and what voltage would be sufficient? I do not wish to fry the chip like I did on AMD processor a few years ago!

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    Well, the first thing I'd do if I were you is burn your chip in with a stressing program, e.g. Prime95. Some people swear by burning their chips in, and some people think that any burn-in process done by the manufacturer should be sufficient, so it's really your call.
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