Well..I have not had any luck with my new Sapphire 9600XT card.

The problem I have is that my system posts fine but when I get to the Windows Splash Screen, things seem to go downhill. Instead of going to XP, the screen goes blank and my monitor goes to standby. But...the PC is still working.

Major bummer!

I've tried changing BIOS settings (memory settings, aperture ect.) but no luck! I triple checked the on-board video was disabled and there were no drivers or settings to do with that festering about. Anyway, when I slot in my old ASUS Ti4400 Deluxe (monster sized card with huge fan that takes a fair amount of power), there's no problem.

I tried a clean installl. No luck there either. When I did the install, it was fine during the intial setup stages when you can partition or format dirves. But once it rebooted and started the install process proper I couldn't see anything. The drives were still working and the keyboard was active but there was no montior signal.

I guess the card just doesn't like my system. Or at least, doesn't like my system at certain resolutions.

I had a look on the Sapphire and Rage3D forums but most of the blank screen issues there seem to be post or hard lock-ups.

I know my PC is still working when the screen goes to standby.. I was able to do a blind shutdown and restart without going near the restart button. Plus, it never gives me the chance to install the Cat drivers so drivers don't come into it.

I bought this card for my Shuttle PC to reduce noise ect. According to shuttle, my board should be fully compatible with 9600Pros. Perhaps the XT requires just a little too much juice?

I will try the card on Sunday in another machine. Until then, has anyone got any other possible reasons why I might be having these issues?