Upgraded to a7n8x deluxe, oc'ing ?'s
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Thread: Upgraded to a7n8x deluxe, oc'ing ?'s

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    Question Upgraded to a7n8x deluxe, oc'ing ?'s

    Hey all. Just installed my a7n8x deluxe last night. I'm running 1700+ "B" and Crucial pc2100. I'm currently upgrading my system piece by piece and this was the obvious first upgrade from my MSI KT3 Ultra.

    Anyway, on my KT3, I could get up to the following setting and be rock solid:
    145 FSB x12.5
    1.62 V

    With the Asus, (and I just installed this last night so not much tweaking yet), I can only get to these settings:
    160 FSB x 11.0
    default voltage for cpu and ram
    2.5, 2, 2, 5
    I am not 100% if my AGP is locked at 66mhz or not, this was a late night upgrade, so had to go to bed before getting into it too much. If its locked by default like the pci's then it definitely is.

    Running Prime95, it errors out after 4 min, saying hardware failure, so its definitely not stable at these settings. I'm thinking that it might be my RAM that is holding me back? But I've read many other claims that people have gotten this ram up to 166 mhz with no problem, so I'm wondering if either their systems are painfully unstable, or if I just got a bad batch.

    I'm also concerned about my temps. I completely cleaned and reapplied my Silver thermal paste to the heat sink and processor. Even if I leave the FSB at 133 it still sits at ~38C. The bios shows the fan running around 6200-6500 rpm.

    What are your guys' first thoughts as to what I should look in to first? Think I should upgrade the ram? Or maybe up my multiplier, lower my fsb, and up the voltage a little? As far as temps go, should I put on more thermal paste? I put on a thin layer as suggested, but not too thin... I'm going to try changing the memory timings as I've read the threads regarding dropping them down and getting better performance, but I don't think that will help me get my 1700 up to 2000mhz or above...

    Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions!!

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    Well it could be your ram i can get this athlon 1600+ to a 333MHz FSB with my ram in my sig which only cost 30 but thats as far as i can go because my Board only supports max 333MHz FSB so i just try to get the best timings from my ram which i can get 1.5-2-2-8 or somthing like that i cant remember!!! but since you only have PC2100 id recommend at least PC2700 but id get crucial or geil because there very good at overclocking in my experiance but thats all ive used so im not sure about others.
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    You need to up the voltage to everything. 160FSB on default voltage is nothing to sneeze at. Check your chipset temperature, this is a limiting factor.

    Temperature wise I take it you are reading MBM not BIOS (because thats totally wrong). I don't know how accurate MBM is either.

    I have full water cooling bar a chipset block. With my fridge running to cool the coolant (plain water) I can get 2.5gig out of my 2600+ (2.083Gig). Didn't try higher. That was 12.5 x 200 with max voltage to everything. 2.2 2 2 6 timings for my Corsair memory. Now I haven't really played around to much as I'm waiting until that damn chipset is cooled. The temp was about 35C @ 2.5Gig....oh and my old Radeon 7200 up from default 183/183 to 200/211 just for fun.

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    Actually that was from the bios. I was thinking yesterday that I was probably wrong in basing it off of that. I'll get MBM downloaded tonight and see what that shows.

    I haven't had any time to do any sort of experimenting since posting yesterday. Won't have time tonight either. Got to go to see some hockey. I will do some testing on Sat. and see what I can get this thing clocked up to. I'll post again with my results. My goal is to get to 2200 Mhz, but we'll see...

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