Lian 65 - Care to recommend nice lighting?
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Thread: Lian 65 - Care to recommend nice lighting?

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    Lian 65 - Care to recommend nice lighting?

    I've got a Lian 65 case on the way... Wondered if anyone could recommend a nice subtle lighting mod for it?

    A liquid neon blue cathode maybe? A pair of led fans perhaps?

    I want it subtle now!

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    Well, I have tried CumpUSA lighting and they SUCK! so I wouldn't touch them. I then went too and their lights are awesome, buth tubes, el-wire, and fans. Right now I have a tri-color fan in the back and a Thermaltike Cool Mod Fan on the HS. I kinda like it, but like you said, you want it subtle. I currently have 1 red and 1 blue fan ready to go into the two front fans, 1 green fan for the top, a red CCT, and some bright yellow el-wire. I think I have a busy weekend! But you said subtle, so I would go with maybe some exhaust fan lighting and maybe 2 intake fan lights on the front of the case.

    Just my OVERKILL $.02!
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    So maybe...

    A pair of coolmaster neon lights at the front, and one for the exhaust?

    Out of interest, if the fan's power is variable voltage, via the fan speed switch for the case, of via the fan speed controller from the Antec PSU, does than affect the lighting much?

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