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Thread: Higher Vcore=Lower overclock???

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    where are the sensors located though? if they read from the molex aswell... then ya.. i'd say they are crappy sensors being used..

    and no.. comparing 3 different versions of the same board model isn't "the exact same hardware".. and of coarse you're going to get the same readings when measuring at the molex.. cause it's just the voltage coming from your PS.. it won't change unless you change you're PS..

    i'm not trying to start something here.. i actually do want to find out where exactly the board measures it's voltage.. and if it's possible to measure with a multi-meter to double check them..

    as for your question Dacs i'd personally say that playing with the power supply is THE last thing you want to do.. sure it's all in good fun and whatnot.. but the risk of screwing up the rest of your hardware.. i think.. is too high...

    check this power supply guide by firingsquad done a little while ago.. it has a good table showing you which devices are taking from what rail.. and how much.
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    I meant that if I leave everything the same, and only change out the motherboard I get different readings. They're even different between to rev 2 NF7-S's.
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    Originally posted by drzaius2
    no i didn't test with a multimeter... but i had 2 of the same boards at one time.. Abit NF7-S.. and i found that the voltages reported by the bios (motherboard monitor actually) were different.. i dont' see how 2 identical boards with the same bios could report different voltages unless they indeed were different..

    i'm not really sure what i'm getting at here.. but i think that measuring the "incoming" voltage is a good idea.. as it's a good way to determine if the PS is not outputting enough or not.. but it can't measure the voltages going through the board.. and eventually what voltages are going to the CPU, etc.. and i would think that these are the voltages the bios measures.. (i could be wrong.. i have no idea where the bios measures the voltage)

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