HELP!!! overclocking to the limit
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Thread: HELP!!! overclocking to the limit

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    HELP!!! overclocking to the limit

    I got a geforce4 mx440 pci 64meg sdram. @166hz mem and 350hz core. What can i clock this thing too..... what do i need to cool it.... how high have any of you taken it and is it worth doing on my system.
    384meg pc100 ram

    oh yeah..... whats the best utitlity for this
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    hmm honestly, overclocking the card really wont make a difference, that pool ol' k62 is a huge bottleneck, even on that card.

    But if you want to give it a shot anyway, I used to use powerstrip to overclock my geforce3. just keep bumping it up about 5mhz run a few loops of 3dmark or soemthign, 5mhz more, and so on. when it finally gets unstable, back it down 5 or so.. and loop 3dmark many times to ensure it is stable.

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