Have a Barton running in my old AK31
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Thread: Have a Barton running in my old AK31

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    Have a Barton running in my old AK31

    My old Shuttle AK31 ver3 (KT266A chipset) is still being updated. I just put a Barton 2500 in it, and it is running 2102 MHz (15 x 140) at default voltage. Will try cranking it up more after burning in tonight.

    Started life with a Duron, went to a very early 1600+, went to a late stepping 1600+, ran a 2100+B for a while, and now the Barton. How is that for milage on a mobo?

    I know it isnít the best board for a Barton but I just had to try it until I get my A7N8X mobo next month.

    AMD 9950 Quaad-core processor
    M2N-SLI Deluxe board
    4 GB OCZ Gold
    WD 500GB SATA2 HD
    Antec True Power 750
    Antec Sonta case
    BFG 8600GT 256MB video
    Samsung 940bx 19" LCD
    Samsung SH-S203B DVD
    On board NIC
    SB Audigy sound
    XP Pro 64 bit

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    I'd still be using my Shuttle Ak31 if my water-supply hadn't shut-off. That was a fantastic motherboard. Nice to know Shuttle still cares. I wonder if my A7V would take a Barton...hmmm.

    Good luck w/ the O/C.
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