I have a GeForce Fx 5200 that just does not want to run halo pc very well, my system specs are P4 2.6ghz, 512 DDR, Fx 5200 128meg vid. It really suprised me that I was getting such crappy performance I expected my card do to somewhat better.... Anyways I'm in the market for a new graphics card and was wanting some suggestions. On pricewatch I saw an ATI 9800 for $177 (not pro) but I also hear a lot of talk about the 9800XT's coming out. I want to be sure I"m getting something that will run halo pc and half-life 2 perfectly but also don't want to spend anymore then $200. Bring on the suggestions/input.

p.s. soon to have a fx 5200 for sell, hows 30 bucks sound?