CD Burner auto-spins
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Thread: CD Burner auto-spins

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    CD Burner auto-spins


    I installed an I/O Magic 48x CD writer not too long ago; has been working fine until lately I notice that while playing an audio CD, it stops playing (song) after about every 40 secs. But the drive light still blinks and the CD spins inside (heard the spinning sound). Then it picks up the song where it stopped (the visual play-bar stops), and the cycle goes on again. Tried to download updated driver, but the website doesn't have an updated driver for this one.

    Any idea what's going wrong here?


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    This problem looks like your drive is getting reading problems. It probably will not take long, until your drive will produce a lot of reading errors, and probably in a few months it wont even recognize CDs or CD-Rs anymore, so you will not even be able to burn anymore.

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    you need to look for firmware, not a driver,and i woulnt touch an i/o magic with my ten foot pole.... they can produce some real shoddy hardware... first hand experience.....

    that doesnt sound right

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